Guido’s Orchestra has just returned from Shanghai, where they performed four brilliant shows at the Mercedes Benz Arena. The Chinese audience welcomed them warmly, clapping and dancing the night away.  

The following quotes from Weibo users will give you a glimpse of the electric atmosphere during the concerts:  
"My father brought me to the Mercedes-Benz Arena for Guido’s Orchestra New Year Concert. Beyond my expectation, the show was awesome! The solo of the players are extremely stunning, Violin vs Guitar thrilled us all! The Vocalist had a very good connection with the audience. We made a galaxy river with our mobile phones. The live atmosphere’s so HIGH! Music is the best language that beyond all borders!"
"The best show that I’ve watched in recent 3 years. I love that lead violinist, the handsome, vivid, nice-talking North-European guy. Very impressive"
"I like Robbie’s Supreme because the violin part, to my surprise, the violinist strengthened that part, the guitarist is soooooo handsome!"
"My hands hurt because of the long time applaud!"
“Guido's Orchestra gave a concert in shanghai last night, but it will definitely not be the last. It was a wonderful evening with beautiful music, both classical and pop. The venue was packed with a wide audience of all ages
"Guido! I love you! I took a photo with him! He is soooo nice and friendly! Kiss kiss"
"I’ve decided for my coming son, to become a violinist like Guido!"
"Very cheerful beginning of 2012 and an unforgettable birthday night!"
"Next time I’ll bring a power torch light "(after seeing the ’galaxy’ picture)
"I love the vocalist."
"Tonight is so high. Wearing my lovely high-heeled shoes, dancing with the wonderful music played by Guido's Orchestra"
"He played a Chinese song!"
"Light music with Rock passion, Scream and Dance in the arena! ...Suddenly reminds me of Yanni!"
"When Violin meets Guitar, like a sword knight facing a blade master."
"My camera battery went out, couldn’t record them all…"
"Intermission, I bought a CD with autograph!"
"I regret not having learnt piano after watched Richard Clyderman, now I regret not having learnt Violin after watched Guido."
"Guido’s Orchestra, listening with my heart…"
"For the 1st time ever I sit in the front seat, touched by the clarinetist and handsome guitarist. I don’t know the name of the vocalist but she must be a star in Holland. I like particular Time to say goodbye and I will survive from her."
"See a magical guy playing Bumblebee solo with Clarinet, fabulous."
"Van Kampen is my Favorite!"



Guido in Shanghai