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Guido’s Orchestra

Guido’s Orchestra

Guido’s Orchestra has built an outstanding reputation in Europe with its unique and vibrant contemporary fusion of classical and popular music. Founded and led by Guido Dieteren, the charismatic virtuoso violinist, who is also a composer and the orchestra’s conductor, Guido’s Orchestra now takes its spectacular performance to the world stages. Guido’s Orchestra has enjoyed huge success in the Netherlands performing with Lionel RichieAndrea Boccelli and Marco Borsato amongst others at the famous “Symphonica in Rosso” concerts for five consecutive years. The 2009 performances of “Symphonica in Rosso” also starred the legendary Diana Ross over two nights attracting an audience of 60,000 in the city of Arnhem. After a premiere USA tour in cooperation with PBS, the orchestra gave its first concerts for a total audience of 48,000 in China in January 2012.



Dragonfly Cafe

Dragonfly Cafe is the story of an ill-fated orphan called Cloud Love, who reflects on his childhood. One day in an antique shop Cloud falls asleep and meets his guardian angel, who arrives in the form of a dragonfly with a magical umbrella. The dragonfly sends Cloud to dream and live his passion for music and with his help he arrives in a magical steam punk airship called “Dragonfly Cafe”.

In the "Dragonfly Cafe", Cloud meets different musicians, dancers and artists from all over the world. With their unique talents and passion they help Cloud embark on a musical journey that will change his future for the better. 

Encouraged by the "Dragonfly Cafe" performers, Cloud explores his singing talent and becomes part of the “Dragonfly Cafe” family. In the warmth of the Dragonfly Cafe family Cloud cannot only fully live his passion for singing, but also finds happiness, confidence and love along the way. “Dragonfly Cafe” will change Clouds future and he decides to firmly pursue his dream of life.

Soy de Cuba

A sensational new musical theatre dance production direct from Havana, featuring stunning video projections taking you into the heart of Cuba today, “Soy De Cuba” is a vibrant new show which was a sell-out on its recent tour of France and Germany. The show is action packed, steaming hot, irresistibly sexy and impossible to resist. The stunning photos, video and publicity material has ensured its commercial success and the show is now ready to take on the world. 

“Soy de Cuba”, a passionate, sensual Cuban love story in the style of the hit movie musical “Dirty Dancing”, is a perfect show for a ladies night out, for lovers young and old, and for all audiences interested in experiencing the true spirit of Cuba in all its infectious glory.

The story, free from political controversy or clichés, takes the audience on a non-stop thrilling multi-media journey through all the infectious rhythms of the Cuban musical repertoire, from the folkloric music of the countryside to the urban rhythms of Rumba, the classic sound of Mambo and Cha Cha Cha, to the music danced to on the streets of Cuba today - the Timba, the Salsa and the Reggaeton.